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Healthcare Transparency

MightyWELL Advocate


WELL Advocate

MightyWELL Advocate

The difference between providers can be significant

Comparing Saves Mighty BIG



MW Compared


Northside $4,731

Express MRI $399


WellStar $4,662

Elite Rad $550

CT Heart Scan

CHOA $6,763

Piedmont $500

Hand Surgery

WellStar $64,280

Negotiated $8,352

We assist you shop, compare and schedule the best healthcare

ProcedureProvider Intial QuoteMightyWELL ComparedSavings
MRI 3T without contrastWellStar $4,662Elite Radiology of GA $550$4,112
MRI 2T without contrastNorthside $4,731Express MRI $499$4,232
CT Heart ScanCHOA $6,763Piedmont Cardiac Center $500$6,263
Avastin InjectionHumana paid $1,700Retina Assoc of GA $350 self-pay$1,350
MammogramCompare at $1,000WellStar $160 self-pay$840
Gallbladder SurgeryPiedmont Hospital $33,694Dr Lee Skandalakis $6,000$27,684

We Assist you with Excellent Healthcare Solutions and Savings for your Family

MightyWELL Preferred Health Plan pays $120 for 18 visits per insured per calendar year

Accordion Content
  • MRI – Self-pay at Point of Service

Express MRI          $499 with contrast            Elite Radiology of GA    3T MRI   $550

First Look MRI      $499                        

Multiple Providers have transparent affordable self-pay options
WellStar $160 

Mammography Screening CPT codes 77057, 77055, 77056

Northside Cherokee Emergency          $2,470

ER Physician Group                                $1,217

Resurgence Orthopedic                         $1,797

GHMS Family Health                               $229              

Walmart (knee walker & seat)               $145

Total Expenses                                        $5,858

MW Accident Benefit                             $4,000

MW Outpatient Benefit                           $3,500

Total Benefits Paid                                 $6,603

        $745   Overage paid to client

Local Children’s Hospital – CT Scan    $6,763

Additional Regional Hospital              $700

Piedmont Cardiac Center                     $500

Same Procedure CPT 75573
*common procedural terminology

Couple Age 60 and 58 – Wife has Macular Degeneration                                                                                                                                                                                                          Client was led to believe their current Avastin Injection cost $1700 each needed 4 times per year. Humana paid $1,200 “benefit” each injection

  • MW Advocate assisted client price shop treatment                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Retina Associates of Middle Georgia Avastin Injection Cost $350 self-pay

     Prior Humana Premium              $19,428 

  • New MW Premium                       $9,480                                                                                                        

                                                             $9,948   Premium Savings

Avastin  “Humana Discount”           $2,000  ($500 per x 4)      $1,700  –  $1,200 = $500

Avastin  Self-Pay                               $1,400  ($350 per x 4)                                     

                                                             $600     Saving – Injection Self-Pay

 Total Annual Savings   $10,548 

Prior to the procedure MW Advocate assisted in finding and price negotiating with an alternative outpatient surgery. Client used the significant reduced price quote and self-pay option to save thousands

Piedmont Hospital Rockdale                         $33,694   Initial price quoted

Dr Lee Skandalakis                                          $5,800     MW Advocate price shopped

MightyWELL Plan Benefits Paid

Surgery Facility                                          $3,500
Surgeon                                                       $1,320
Asst Surgeon                                              $500
Anesthesiologist                                        $330
Radiology                                                    $500

        Total Benefits Paid                           $6150

            $350 Overage Paid to Client

 Northside Hospital                                 $86,738    Actual Bill

MW Negotiated  Discount                     $50,438

                                                                    $36,300    Balance

MightyWELL Plan Benefits Paid

Catastrophic                                             $10,000 

Hospital Room                                         $1,500   

Surgery                                                     $26,000                                                   

Total Benefits Paid                                 $38,000                                                            

                 $1,700      Overage Paid to Client

    Medical Facility                $11,304

    Surgeon                             $3,384                         

    Anesthesia                       $2,875                         

 Total Cost                           $17,563        

MW Advocate                    $11,027    Negotiated Discount

MW Plan Benefits              $6,500

Total  Credited                   $17,527

         $36 Out of Pocket Cost

        Diagnosis Code: J35.3; CPT Codes: 99201/99212