Welcome MightyWELL Clients

We have shown you how you can save – now on to the next steps…

Keep these things in mind when applying...

  • Your email address is important as all policy info will be sent to that address. You will receive a verification e-mail shorty after completing your application. Verify your email within 48 hours to forgo the phone interview.
  • A new application will be emailed to your email address after email verification
  • A telephone interview will need to be completed if email verification is not acheived.
  • Answer questions in your telephone interview the same as you answered on your paper/internet application.

Once the policy is issued...

  • You will receive four cards and policies in the mail once the policy is issued:

1. HSP Gold (Health Saver Plus Gold)
2. Accident Expense Enhanced 24 Hour Level Two $4000 Actual Expense per Event
3. Critical Illness  – Level One Catastrophic Lump Sum
4. Specified Disease – Level Two Catastrophic Actual Cost $250K annual

  • Your HSP Gold Card can be presented at your doctor appointments
  • You can register and create a login for your policy at https://apps.neweralife.com/policyholder/account/register#step-1
  • If you need to set up a teledoc appt please visit https://apps.neweralife.com/policyholder/calladoctor/
  • Wellness Benefits begin 60 days from the effective date of your policy. (Services like Annual Physical, mammogram, colonoscopy)
  • Level One Catastrophic Diagnosis Benefit begin 90 days from policy effective date:  $40,000 Adult $10,000 Child Preferred Plan