Prepare For The Unexpected

Accidents can happen to anyone, anywhere and without warning. Being financially prepared for unplanned medical expenses can spare you considerable stress.

MightyWELL Accident Plan simple designed to cover treatments preformed within 45 days of accidents. Combined with our full plan you’ll have 


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Here's how it works

Have an accident

Receive necessary treatment

Use your benefits for expenses

Focus on healing


24-Hour Coverage

Ensures that eligible injuries are covered on or off the job.

Big or Small Accidents

Covers accidental injuries of all types from twisted ankles, burns, bee stings, spider bites, or recreational sports activities.

Ambulance Benefit

Industry Leading $10,000 Accident Transport ground and air

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MightyWell Accident Plan

The best value in Small Accident Coverage

Covers accidents on or off the jobSimple effective benefit schedule
Two levels of coveragePays expenses up to 45 days *
Pays in addition to other insurance No time limit to report occurrence *
Family and child coverage optionNo deductible and no co-pays
Portable when job change occurs No limits on number of occurrences

Plan Benefit Highlights




Injury Benefit​$2,000​$4,000​
Ambulance Benefit – air or ground ​$5,000​$10,000​
Hospital Daily Income Benefit ​$150 $300
Accidental Death Benefit$50,000 $100,000

Monthly Rates




Employee Only $23$33
Employee and Spouse $45$57
Employee and Children$54 $69
Family $75 $95
Child Only $17$21

Talk to your MightyWELL representative to learn more.