Preventive Plan

Preventive Plan key in keeping your workforce healthy. Offering your employees all their preventive care is covered 100%. The plan covers immunizations, mammograms, colonoscopies, female wellness exams, telemedicine, diet counseling, screenings, and prescription discounts.

Catastrophic Plan

Lump sum benefit paid for a qualifying critical or terminal conditions. The plan combines the most cost effective term life insurance with full or partial acceleration of the policy face amount. Funds received may be used at sole discretion of client. Plans up to $1.5 Million are available

HealthShare Plan

The Perfect alternative solution to offer Health plan. Have peace of mind knowing your family has a plan for unexpected medical needs. confident knowing any large medical events like hospitalizations, surgeries, and maternity needs can be shared shared.

supplemental plan

Dental Vision and Accident insurance plans can help your family reduce out-of-pocket expenses for routine exams, advanced procedures

Accident plan

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