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Welcome New Partner

Americans Want Healthcare That Empowers:

Americans want healthcare solutions that empower:

  •  The patient doctor relationship giving doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals freedom to deliver the world’s best care with modern personalized medicine, including telehealth and other advancements that help us stay healthy.
  •  Individual choice of our personal doctor, who is independent of insurance coverage and can advocate for the care we need.
  •  Affordable premiums, procedures, and drugs with price transparency for easy comparison shopping, more choices for health coverage, ending unnecessary tests and procedures that increase the costs of care, and allowing us to benefit financially when you choose lower cost care.
  •  Individual health coverage that easily moves as job change occurs by giving the individual freedom and control over their healthcare dollars and benefit choices.
  •  The patient doctor relationship 
  •  Choice of personal doctor
  •  Affordable premiums 
  •  Transparent Affordable Medical procedure cost
  •  Health coverage that easily moves as job change occurs 

Together with Free Market Carriers we'll provide Americans Personalized Healthcare

Click on links for carrier appointment. You will need to upload 1. Copy of Ins License 2. E&O Policy 3. Filled W-9 Form